Hardware and Software:

Searching for hardware or software? We have access to over 300,000 hardware and software products available through our local distributors. If it’s out there, chances are we can get it for you and usually at a lower price.

Sometimes, finding the right software can be overwhelming, but we can help. Let us be your guide in determining what software products you need.




Tired of waiting on hold for someone halfway around the world to offer support on your mission critical server? Then let us build it and support it locally.

We know how important it is to keep your business going. If you have a server down, you need help now, and that’s why we’re here locally.

Whether you require an entry level server or multiprocessor enterprise servers with RAID configurations, we can configure it, build it and support it, locally.




desktop-computer12From simple office desktops to advanced CAD workstations, we’ll build it better. With ASUS boards and Intel processors, our systems will give you the power and reliability you’re looking for, at a reasonable price. Call us today - we’ll show you performance

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