Network Maintenance:

You might be asking yourself why the network requires maintenance, especially if it seems to be working well. The answer is quite simple. A well maintained network is like a fine-tuned car. It will continue to perform at optimal levels as long as it is taken care of. However, fail to provide proper care and the results can cost you vast amounts of time and money. Why leave it to chance? Protect your investments and preserve your time.

Our Mission:

Let us design an ongoing maintenance program to keep your network operating at maximum efficiency.
A typical maintenance schedule may include the following:

Server Maintenance:

  • Verify Backup Log to make sure your data is being protected.
  • Check Event Viewer for errors – catching problems early can prevent disasters later.
  • Check Backup Drives.
  • Verify Restore.
  • Verify Hard Disk Integrity to prevent file corruption.
  • Download and install latest critical updates and service packs for all Server Applications.

Remote Administration:

  • Defragment server drives to run at peak efficiency.
  • Monitor disk space capacity to maximize free space.
  • Verify server is virus free and that definitions are up to date.
  • Monitor all aspects of the equipment and network and plan for future upgrades and expansion.
  • Maintain E-Mail servers, defragment databases, verify database integrity, etc.

Workstation Maintenance:

  • Verify that all systems are virus free.
  • Clean up the hard drive of temp files and internet files.
  • Verify that all systems are spyware free.
  • Run Check Disk and Defragmenter.
  • Run Windows and Office updates.
  • Address user issues.