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Welcome to Solutionetics, Inc. We are a full service computer and network services firm that brings personality to the computer industry as well as professionalism. We believe that the importance of having someone pleasant and practical to speak with is as significant as the design and maintenance of your network. After all, we are all under enough stress without creating further difficulties. You just want it to work, right? Then explore our website and see the “solutions” we have to offer.
Security is all about trust from a distance. Which is because you are dealing with everyone remotely and cannot confirm identity or authenticity in the traditional sense. Even with secure connections, encryption, and the various other authentication schemes there is always a way to spoof identity.
Networks are an important tool, giving you the ability to work smart and share. Networks can be made of inter-connected cables or wireless, but it is extremely important that your network is secure. There are a lot of ways to protect your network from both internal and external threats.
Data loss is a scary thing, having only one copy of any piece of data is risky. All it takes is hardware failure, fire, flood or theft and you are left with nothing. Building your business on zero data is unthinkable until it's too late. Let us help you protect that valuable data with onsite data backup. We can also assist you with cloud backup for extra security.

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